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Wellness Coach. Author. Mompreneur.

Hey fellow mamas! I’m Addie.

Holistic wellness and healthy lifestyle expert who has been helping others heal their bodies for over a decade.

As a mama to two very active boys, I’m all too familiar with the art of life juggling while balancing that with my own self-care and healthy lifestyle, career, and runnig the household. I teach other mamas how to do the same.

Let’s face it, mom life can be really hard. It can also be the most amazing gift. I’m here to share thrival tips, recipe twists, and care-for-the-whole-family tools aimed to ELEVATE your daily mama life. Are you ready to elevate with me?

Let’s get a little more personal…

I’m a mom of two sweet, dare devil and curious little boys that love to dirt-bike, skateboard, surf, collect bugs, explore nature, and still snuggle with mama (when I’m lucky).

I’m a Flexitarian and Qualitarian when it comes to food. A what the what? I eat a mostly high quality plant-based diet but I eat a wide variety of foods, including animal protein. I do believe that Food is Medicine and that with a rainbow of fruits and vegetables and other healthy lifestyle practices we can do so much to heal our bodies and maintain good health. But I also believe in balance and coach clients to avoid extremes and diets. I especially love bacon, chocolate, licorice, sushi, fish tacos and crossiants. So I work hard to eat well most of the time so I can enjoy these foods when I’m feeling a craving or at a resturant that serves them.

I’m a certified Holistic Health Coach. I was trained in over 30 dietary theories and educated to understand that we all need the same baseline of nutrition but we also have bio-individual needs that require us to create our own personal health road maps and tailor our lifestyles around our own body’s needs at every phase of aging.

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Colorful kitchen tools on a small counter, shelving, and wall rack.

I wear many hats but have a singular passion…to help other mamas hoola hoop through all of life’s ups and downs with a toolbox for navigating through each phase of female life.

That toolbox includes practices for:

  • Achieving and maintaining optimal family health through a strong immune system
  • Easy nutrition practices that even the busiest mom can manage
  • Integrating consistent self-care strategies that keep you from crumbling while spending all your energy taking care of those around you
  • Managing environmental toxins in your home, food, and daily products
  • Creating home spaces and practices that are nourishing to your body and mind and promote better health
  • Integrating consistent self-care strategies that keep you from crumbling while spending all your energy taking care of those around you

Media and Podcasts

Mosaic Life Podcast Cover
November 29, 2020

Tune in to my interview with the Mosaic Life podcast hosted by Trey Kauffman.
“I don’t think that it’s ever too soon, and it’s also never too late, to really instill healthy habits.” – Addie, Elevated Mama Life

Amber Trueblood podcast cover

October 3, 2020

Listen to my conversation with fellow mamapreneur Amber Trueblood, host of Stretch Marks podcast, as we dish on starting business and why I coach others to eat a rainbow!

SD Voyager Logo

September 28, 2020

Get to know more about me and my passion for helping others in my interview with SD Voyager.

Choices Book Cover

I have not always been healthy…

In fact, I struggled for years with my health and would not be a coach today were not for the health obstacles I’ve had to overcome.

I shared my story in the book Choices: Inspiring Stories of Healing Through Alternative and Holistic Health Care.

Below, you can download my chapter, Toxic to Transformed, for free, and purchase the complete book on Amazon.

My trifecta for total wellness involves elevating your health, heart, and home.

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Elevated Health

Tea and Macaroons on Bed Tray

Elevated Heart

Minimal home decor with yellow armchair next to a square rug, pendant lights, and low wooden cabinet of art objects.

Elevated Home

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