Acai Bowl Obession

If you interact with me at all in person or follow my Facebook or Instagram then you know I have a serious obsession with açaí [pronounced: aˌsaˈi or ah-sigh-ee ]. This started from our frequent visits to Souther California where we were introduced to the Sambazon Acai Cafe in Cardiff.

What makes this food so great?

Açaí is a palm fruit that grows on the banks of the Amazon river. It somewhat resembles a blueberry, and like a blueberry is packed with antioxidants but has some other superfood benefits as well. According to the Sambazon site: “The benefits of Açaí are all found in the pulp-which is naturally packed with antioxidants, polyphenols and flavonoids (like those in red wine). Unlike any other fruit, the real magic of Açaí is that it has a perfect combination of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, giving it a creamy mouth feel and loads of trace minerals and essential nutrients.

As someone who is always on the quest for delicious, healthy, nourishing foods, I have come to love açaí because of its nutritional value but also for it’s clean taste and the energy it gives my body. I often make a juice or smoothie as a meal but there are days I want something in a bowl or on a plate that gives me the same feeling of eating clean but that requires a utensil to consume and forces me to actually sit down and eat for a change.

For months I’ve been experimenting with different açaí creations based on those I have bought at juice bars/healthy bowl cafes and loved. The one that has become my favorite incorporates mint and activated charcoal*, which are great for people like me that always need extra help with digestion.

*Note on the charcoal: activated charcoal actually works best when consumed between meals if you are truly trying to clean up your digestive system a AND since it is a detoxing agent, it should not be consumed everyday. That said, activated charcoal is popping up in all kinds of health food trends and adding 2 capsules to your smoothie bowl is a great practice on occasion and will add some extra detoxing for things like pathogens and other environmental toxins that build up in our bodies. I am sure to take a good probiotic though when consuming charcoal so I am replenishing any good bacterias that might get flushed out with the bad ones thanks to the charcoal cleansing magic. If I get on a serious açaí kick and am making them every day, I only add charcoal 2-3 times a week. You can buy activated charcoal on Amazon or check your local health food store.

As I mentioned above, I have also been adding mint to the bowls. I have grown mint all summer in a container pot so access to mint has been easy but you can usually find mint all year round in the herb section of most grocery stores. I also grew lemon balm this summer in my Tower Garden and often add that with or in lieu of mint and love the fresh taste it adds.

Ready to create your own açaí bowl? Here is my go-to recipe for a clean, healthy meal a couple times a week!

Acai Bowl