Hi! I’m Addie, your Elevated Mama.

Wellness Coach. Author. Mompreneur. Direct Sales Leader.

I wear many hats but have a singular passion: to help other mamas hoola hoop through all of life’s ups and downs with a toolbox for…


Achieving and maintaining optimal family health


Integrating consistent self-care strategies


Rising out of survival mode and functioning most days in thrival mode


Juggling the household and all the kids’ needs while still making time for your own


Building and sustaining a life that you wake up happy to be in, even on your hardest of days - because those will always come and go but when your heart is whole and your body is nourished you can elevate through the rockyness much easier

Teaming up with other moms is one of my favorite professional and personal activities. So when I was invited to be a guest on Amber Trueblood’s awesome Stretch Marks podcast I was ecstatic.

Tune into this podcast and listen to us dish on:
  • How to teach your children to listen to their bodies.
  • How entrepreneurs can start really really small… and still succeed.
  • How important it is to “vibe with your tribe”.
  • My Seven Pillars can help you feel better, stronger, clearer.
  • How making decisions that align with YOU can lead to happy choices.
  • How chronic health problems led me from Federal Policy Analyst in DC to Holistic Wellness Specialist in San Diego.
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Some quick facts about me…

I’m a mom of two sweet, dare devil and curious little boys that love to dirt-bike, skateboard, surf, collect bugs, explore nature, and still snuggle with mama (when I’m lucky).

I’m a wife to a busy restaurateur (a hard to pronounce name for restaurant owner, I just wanted to look fancy 😉 My hubby’s busy schedule means I’m solo parenting A LOT and doing 99.95% of the household management.

I’m a Flexitarian and Qualitarian when it comes to food. A what the what? I eat a mostly high quality plant-based diet but I am not a vegetarian is essentially what that means. I do believe that Food is Medicine and that with a rainbow of fruits and vegetables and other healthy lifestyle practices we can do so much to heal our bodies and maintain good health.

I’m a certified Holistic Health Coach. I was trained in over 30 dietary theories and educated to understand that we all need the same baseline of nutrition but we also have bio-individual needs that require us to create our own personal health road maps and tailor our lifestyles around our own body’s needs at every phase of aging.

Read my journey and 18 others on the quest for hope and healing in the Choices Complilation Book. In my chapter “From Toxic to Transformed” I tell my own story of overcoming health challenges through lifstyle changes and holistic healing modalities.

This book is all about elevating to achieve whol-istic wellness inside and out!

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Hear What Others Are Saying After Working With Me

I get all the feels from love shared by those who have worked with me. Here are a few that make me all tingly inside…

Knowing Addie has been life changing! My business embraced a green eco-friendly certification working with Addie. This process raised the awareness of staff, our students and families about how to create a healthier school and home environment for our community. We then hosted a Green Day Event with Addie guiding us through the process and we served over 500 people in our town to demonstrate, healthy eating, fun family exercises, easy organic gardening techniques and more.

Addie is an inspiration and a force of nature! She is so authentically all that she teaches that your life will be changed for the better once you meet her! She is extremely positive and knowledgeable about health and wellness and brings a deep sincere desire to see everyone reach the best version of themselves. She is a delight to work with and change will happen in wonderful ways with Addie by your side!

Mary D.

I can honestly say that my life has changed for the better since meeting Addie. Not only has she become a good friend but she has helped me in areas in my life when no one else has been able to. I have a history of a variety of neurological type symptoms and with her guidance, love and support my symptoms have seen some definite improvement. Addie really cares about my health and overall well being. What’s most important is her constant support, understanding, and open mind – this is what makes her so much more than just a life coach but also an amazing friend and a beautiful person.
Brigitte J.

Addie has been my wellness coach for years. I’m always amazed at her knowledge for holistic, alternative approaches to cure or prevent certain modern illnesses or ailments. She has personally helped me with my heartburn and reflux, sleep issues, and stress levels, in addition to teaching me easy and effective ways to keep my kids healthy! She is my go-to health guru and I am so lucky that she is always a phone call away!
Jessica B.

My biggest takeaway from Addie is that living healthy is a way of life not a short-term solution. Many people preach the same ideas but for some reason, I guess just who Addie is, her words and approach have always stuck with me. Prior to working with Addie, I tried everything from books to the gyms to just trying to do things by myself. The hardest thing is trying to stick with one program and keep it interesting. Even months after we first worked together, her words still inspire me and impact my way of thinking about the way I eat and take care of muself. I felt like we worked together as opposed to me just listening to her.
Josh F.