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Learn How to Make Easy, Healthy Meals in Minutes!

  • Do you crave healthy meals you can make in minutes?
  • Are you looking for easy ways to add more nutrition without complicated meal planning?
  • Are you a shake lover that wants a new spin on nourishing meals that fill you up and keep you feeling good?


Can you relate to these scenarios?

You’re tired of the same breakfast routine but you have to keep things easy and quick. You don’t love that your kids eat the same cereal or toast or other carb-loaded breakfast option everyday, but you’re tired and don’t have the energy to come up with something new.

You don’t mind smoothies or shakes for a meal but you can only do that so often before you burn out on liquids and need something healthy that still tastes good and has some crunch and texture to it!

You often find yourself looking at your clock at 4:00 in the afternoon. You’re still cranking on work or household to-dos or running your kids from one activity to the next and the dinner hour is just creeping toward you but you have no idea what to make. You want a healthy option but your brain is too tired to make a big production.

Colorful Smoothie Bowl with Blueberries
Chocolate Smoothie Bowl

I so get it!

Even as a health coach I often find myself on meal planning burn out. And meal prep and clean up overload. My days are often jam packed with work, kid activities, and what feels like a million errands and household chores. Because my life, and yours, is so busy it’s super important that we are all getting adequate nutrition to keep up with all the stuff we have going on daily.

I want you to have energy to do all the things.

Having a few Smoothie Bowl recipes up your sleeve can make a HUGE difference in your peace of mind that you are getting nutrition you and your loved ones need, and getting it fast and in a delicious meal that often tastes like dessert (I mean, how else do you think I got my kids hooked on these).

I want to make this easy for you. So I created a FREE 7-Day Smoothie Bowl Challenge that you can start TODAY!

The Elevated Mama Life 7-Day Smoothie Challenge comes with:

  • A detailed guide with your shopping list and prep info
  • Daily recipes delivered straight to your inbox
  • Nutritional guidance and tips to be a total smoothie bowl pro
  • Lots of peace of mind that you are giving your body what it needs

ANYONE can make these (a blender is required).

When my family has a busy day or has indulged in not-so-healthy foods, smoothie bowls are my go-to quick and easy meals. Not only do they ensure we get the balance of whole foods our bodies need, I also avoid the meal time battles that often exhaust any parent – even if your kids are relatively good eaters.

Whether you are looking for a new and creative way to fuel your body or you simply want a stress-free meal option for you or your family, Smoothie Bowls can solve so many of our needs! I can’t wait for you to try out all our favorites and get inspiration for your own combinations!

Tropical Peach & Pineapple Smoothie Bowl

Here’s what Smoothie Bowl Challengers have to say…

“Elevated Mama Life’s Smoothie Bowl Challenge transformed my family’s morning routine! Before we started the challenge, our middle schooler complained daily about our “boring” breakfast offerings. Then, I took the challenge and followed Addie’s delicious and gorgeous smoothie bowl recipes. Not only does my son look forward to breakfast now, he gobbles up all that deep, nutritional goodness and has been inspired to make his own special recipes. Addie just made breakfast fun! And, we’ve noticed that we’re all feeling more energized after breakfast. No more feeling sluggish in the morning plus all the fun of having fast and easy breakfasts that are super yummy to boot!”

Jen W.

“I would order a smoothie bowl at a cafe and and always wonder why they cost so much. Then I discovered Elevated Mama Life’s Smoothie Bowl Challenge. Not only did I learn ideas to make my own, I saved $$$$ making them at home.”

Chad M.

“I’ve participated in Addie’s smoothie bowl challenges and they are the best! Addie makes it so easy for you to follow along and succeed. She provides everything you need (and more!) in an organized fashion so you don’t feel overwhelmed. I am the type of person that normally steers clear of anything that feels too rigid when it comes to my diet. Her recipes are tasty, dynamic and easy to use. You won’t be confused with a ton of ingredients you can’t even pronounce. Addie has taught me so much about eating healthy while also being a busy person on the go. I know you will love this challenge as much as I did.”

Kristen K.

“In the past when I have made smoothies, I typically stuck with a lot of the same – standard chocolate or Acai. Addie’s seven day smoothie challenge encouraged me to try new combinations and ingredients! I loved adding in my chocolate or vanilla complete for an extra boost of plant based protein and yumminess. Addie’s daily emails included beautiful photos, great suggestions, and were also really informative. My family definitely gained a few new favorites from the challenge! Thank you Addie for such a great week!”

Courtney M.

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