What if you could build wealth while also being home with your family and managing work around your kids schedule?

Our changing world has made it so there are a multitude of ways to be a SAHM and still contribute income to your household income.

Whether you choose to build a part-time Side Hustle or a Six Figure++ Business, there are many more reasons than money to be your own MomBoss, and make it work around you and your family’s needs (because they are #1)!

Creating a Life you Love

Creating a Life you Love

Not loving your life is no way to live. Okay, that is kind of a backwards way of saying that living a life you love is so much more worthwhile. But first you have to create it. And that is not necessarily easy.  It takes work and persistence.  But often with a few...

Why Work with (or Become) a Health Coach?

Why Work with (or Become) a Health Coach?

Fox Business recently featured an article, “Do You Need a Health Coach?” The writer, Donna Fuscado, did a great job of explaining how health coaches support more than just nutrition and exercise goals. “When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, it’s more than just...

Do You Have Dreams About Being Part of Something Bigger Than You?

Do You Crave Opportunities to Earn Income While Making an Impact in the World and Still Being There for Your Kids?

I love being a mom. It’s a role I’ve wanted since I was a little girl. But I love being a friend, a business partner, an educator, a connector, and a support to other women. Having that connection makes me a better mom. And being a mompreneur gives me a purpose greater than myself and my family. Not that they aren’t my everything. But I truly enjoy being a citizen of the world and making a positive impact.

My journey in life has led me down many career paths. I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur and come from a family of them. But I also know the importance of continuity and commitment. Soon after I expanded my sustainable lifestyle and consulting business to include a focus on wellness, I knew that I would need tools to really support people in making lasting healthy habits.

Soon after I had my second son and was a wreck from many sleepless nights, I learned about a company called Juice Plus+. Yep, you guessed it. It’s a direct sales company. They make these miraculous whole food nutrition supplements (basically powdered plants) and have some other kickass products that have completely transformed my own family’s health and that of thousands of others.

And while the power of plants in this concentrated form has become my #1 tool for helping others maximize their optimal health, what I have also achieved with this business is a community of other High Vibe women (and some men) who have given me so much more than just a paycheck.

There are 3 paths to partnering with this amazing community, but first I invite you to learn more about Our High Vibe Tribe!

Below are 3 paths to partnering with this amazing community!


I became involved with the Juice Plus+ Company because the products made so much sense to me. We all need more fruits and vegetables in our diet and Juice Plus+ has made it possible for us to ensure a baseline of good nutrition every single day. 

30 whole foods in a capsule or chew? For less than $3/day? There is no other product that delivers that with the quality assurance that Juice Plus+ does. In fact, Juice Plus+ is the MOST researched nutritional product in the world!! 

And if you can help your own, or another child, get nutritional support from Juice Plus+ for FREE through the Healthy Starts Program


You’re a busy mom. Me too! And part of being busy is being out and about with your kiddos, or shuffling them to sports or dance or birthday parties and all the other engagements of family life. What if you could do ALL of that while earning some extra income just from helping other families and individuals support their own better health?

The Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise allows you to jumpstart an income stream that works with your time availability and your income goals plus earn money back on your own Juice Plus+ products. Perhaps you just want to pay for an extra trip to the grocery store, or a car payment, or some credit card debt.

This is all possible (and more) by investing just $52/year for a Juice Plus+ business and sharing with your circle of friends and family. And we are not talking annoying sales pitches or talking your loved ones into the latest fad product. Juice Plus+ has been around for over 25 years and has helped multiple thousands of people get healthier and build a life they love through financial success. And most importantly – in my view – you’ll be part of an incredible community of people who will link arms with you to help you build the life YOU want! Learn more about Our High Vibe Tribe!


You’re ready to rock it! You’re ready to be a legit #MomBoss #Mompreneur #MadeforMore business owner! 

Guess what? You can totally do it. And it is so much FUN! 

If this government policy analyst with a solid paying job and benefits can walk away and create a business that allows me to go on the field trips, volunteer at school, manage a bulk of the household AND earn income with a brand and business I love, then so can YOU! 

But it takes a PLAN! I would not be where I am today (mindset or income growth) if it weren’t for the Mindful Mavericks coaching program.  

Jumpstart your business today with the Side Hustle to Six Figures Program.

Program Includes:

The EXACT system Jen use’s with her private coaching clients who pay $5000.00 to have her create their automated business action plan — you can get it here a whopping 82% off!

+ 11 Additional High-Impact Training Worksheets ($297 value)

+ 5 Bonus Mindset Training Masterminds ($497 value) 

+ Mindful Mavericks Magazine Feature to over 125K+ subscribers (priceless!)


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