How and Why to Detox

Even though most of us are in full Spring mode, it’s not too late to consider a Spring detox. See below for my musings on the subject and why I think it is not only important – but something I put into practice every Spring and Fall. I would never recommend you do something that I don’t myself practice, so if you need more specific information on HOW to put this into practice, never hesitate to reach out to me.

Ok – down to the business of detoxing. Despite the massive media coverage of detoxes, detoxing should not to be viewed as a fad. Many of our daily physical annoyances – from allergies and sinus issues, to headaches or or joint pain, to repeat colds and congestion, as well as digestive issues are a result of our bodies needing a major tune-up. I always explain to my clients that our bodies need maintenance just like machines and vehicles if we want to operate at our best. We are exposed to various toxins every day through the air we breathe, the water we drink, the products and materials and in our homes and products. There are many ways to detox, but the purpose of detoxing is really to:

  • rid your body of toxins that build up over time
  • protect organs
  • improve digestion
  • boost energy
  • reduce or eliminate inflammation


1) Hydrate hydrate hydrate! Drink half your body weight in ounces every day. Be sure you are drinking clean, filtered water – not plastic bottled water. 

2) Sweat toxins out. Do cardio exercises. Steam or sit in an infrared sauna. (Learn more about infrared saunas and their health benefits HERE)

3) Eliminate processed sugar and caffeine for two weeks. I know this painful for most people to even consider, but you will feel amazing afterwards and will have more sustained energy throughout day (and won’t need that double shot espresso in the afternoon). If cutting caffeine totally is too hard, switch to a green tea in lieu of coffee – it has antioxidants to assist in your detox while also giving you a little boost.

4) Use Herbs. The herbs below can be consumed in liquid, powder or capsule form, and are available at many health food or vitamin speciality stores (or on the internet). 

  • Garlic is a natural antibiotic that cleanses the blood and boosts the immune system.
  • Cayenne purifies the blood, increases sweating and fluid elimination.
  • Ginger root stimulates circulation and sweating.
  • Parsley leaf is a diuretic that flushes the kidneys. (Avoid if breastfeeding – it is also helpful for lowering your milk supply).
  • Chlorella is a green algae but is a remarkable detoxifier and all around nutrient.

  5) Consume alkaline foods. As someone who tries to drink lemon water first thing every morning, consume a green juice at some point almost every day, and even invested in an ionizer to alkalize the pH of my water – I’m a big fan of an alkalizing diet for added detoxing. It basically means upping your dark greens and other vegetable intake, eliminating refined sugars and caffeine, but also consuming other alkalizing foods, like coconut oils and even some cheeses (yes cheese). Here is a great resource on Detox Benefits and How To with alkalizing foods from Body & Soul: The Alkalising Detox Diet 

When we choose to be proactive about our health, take care of our bodies we unleash a new kind of freedom to keep up with our busy lives and do the things we love for a very long time!