My Morning Ritual

Most mornings I am operating in a mad frenzy surrounding my boys’ needs. I help them pack lunches, prep a bag of whatever they will need for the day’s adventure, get breakfast, ensure they take their essentials  — Juice Plus+ chewables, Juice Plus+ Omega, a Klaire’s Lab probiotic. Nothing out of the norm compared to any other parent that is on prep duty. And as any parent knows it’s never as smooth as you hope it will go.

But one ritual I aim for every morning to ensure I’m taking care of myself while exerting most of my energy taking care of my family is to start with a cup of warm lemon water. There is a long list of health benefits resulting from this daily habit, including everything from boosting immunity, improving skin, helping with digestion and weight loss, fighting aches and pains, cleansing the liver and supporting brain function. Want some details? The Huffington Post has a nice article.

In addition to all these health benefits, I just really enjoy the taste. It’s refreshing and often helps me emerge out of a fog from my many sleep-deprived nights. I’ve been adding fresh mint or basil to the lemon water from my Tower garden. Since I am equally committed to taking my own Juice Plus+ (simply concentrated fruits and vegetables) every day I like to pair these two practices for the perfect blend of wellness in a simple unified action. Committing to these two rituals has ensured that I have been major illness free for .  I’m still very tired on many days, but able to function and avoid being down for the count despite the continued chaos in my daily life.