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In our fast-paced lives we are often functioning in fight or flight mode, which wreaks havoc on our immune and adrenaline systems. We also come face-to-face with a variety of toxins every single day – in our food, water, air, materials in our homes and clothes, and quite often in our beauty and bath products. The Elevated Mama Shop hosts products I have vetted over the years to support cleaner, healthier living and to help manage through illness and ailments. These are all products my family and I use regularly and that I share with my health coaching clients to support their wellness goals.

**These products do not cure disease. I am not making any medical claims or promises in recommending them. I may earn a small commission off your purchase. 

Juice Plus Vegetable and Fruit Juice Concentrates

Wellderberry Brew, Rasa

Rasa has become a staple part of my daily wellness routine. Created by a mom who wanted consistent energy support throughout the day as a new, nursing mother – Rasa is packed with adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms that support adrenal health, immune function, circulation, and other wellness benefits. 

Juice Plus plant-based omega supplement

Cacao Brew, Rasa

The Rasa Cacoa blend has 5 mg of cacao-derived caffeine plus their 12-herb original blend for a sweet and supportive start to your day, or wind down at night. I often make this as a Rasa-latte with vanilla oat milk and a little lavender honey. 

Juice Plus Complete french vanilla protein shake mix

Coffee Brew, Rasa

Get the energy and focus boost you need without the typical coffee crash (or afternoon cravings). What I love about this Rasa blend is that has fair-trade coffee sourced only from women-owned farms. It has 1700 mg adaptogens and 35 mg of caffeine, and the combo will give you sustained energy while supporting your total body health (no depleting it like many standard coffee blends do from high levels of acid and no added nutrients). 


Juice Plus Vegetable and Fruit Juice Concentrates

Magnificent Mushrooms, Rasa

The power of mushrooms to support and heal the body is widley ackonwledged among health experts. Most of us live our daily lives in a way that adds tons of stress, processed food, and environmental toxins to our bodies (even me). We need natural support from plants to help our bodies managre through all that and fight disease. High quality mushroom powders can be a huge body bonus. Add to your morning brew for instant wellness support. 

Juice Plus plant-based omega supplement

Sampler Pack, Rasa

Can’t decide what Rasa blend to try? I get it. I often buy this sampler pack to have variety, or to travel with, or gift to friends and clients. Each packets has 3-4 servings so you can really get a taste for each one. Rasa is super beneficial for mothers – whether you are a new mom managing through the days of sleep deprivation or a seasoned mom in peri-menopause or menopause struggling to balance ever-changing hormones along with life’s constant demands. 

Juice Plus Complete french vanilla protein shake mix

Calm Brew, Rasa

This has become my favorite wind down tea/tonic in the evenings. I brew a small cup on sip as I prep for the next day, read a book, or catch up emails about an hour or so before bed. This blend includes Ashwagandha balanced with Blue Lotus, Reishi, & Blue Vervain for deep relaxation and lots of adrenal and digestive support. Warning: might support a healthier libido 😉 


Juice Plus Vegetable and Fruit Juice Concentrates

Vegetable and Fruit Concentrates, Juice Plus+

Build a robust immune system with the power of produce. Nothing beats the gold standard research proving the benefits of Juice Plus+. These concentrated plant powders have been a daily staple in our household for almost a decade.

Juice Plus plant-based omega supplement

Full Spectrum Vegan Omega, Juice Plus+

Essential fatty acids are key to overall health. They support our brain, vision, joints, and skin. Many omegas are derived from fish oil through an environmentally unfriendly process and began to degrade before they even enter the body. This full spectrum omega blend comes from plants and offers full spectrum wellness support.

Juice Plus Complete french vanilla protein shake mix

Complete Plant-Based Protein Powder, Juice Plus+

With added superfoods, this low glycemic plant-based protein powder offer tons of healthy carbohydrate support to keep you fueld for a busy day. Add to your morning shake, a smoothie bowl, pancakes, brownies, oatmeal and much more.  Vanilla, Chocolate, Combo or Berry flavor. One of the best tasting plant-based protein powders of all those I’ve tried over the years. A staple in our house for 8+ years. 


Seed Synbiotic

SEED Synbiotic

Offering gastrointestinal + whole body health, Seed contains 24 clinically and scientifically studied, broad spectrum strains to support systemic health. This has been a gamechanger for my gut health. Use my promo code ELEVATEDMAMA for 15% off your first month’s supply of DS-01™ Daily Synbiotic. 

Hiya Kids Vitamins

Hiya Kids Vitamins

Hiya is a daily chewable made with 12 organic fruits and veggies, not sugary junk. It’s then supercharged with 15 essential vitamins and minerals, including Zinc, Vitamin D, b12, manganese and eleven more vitamins and minerals — each individually sourced for optimal potency and known to support immunity, mood, concentration, and development — all especially important for kids today. And yay! Zero added sugar. No dyes. No preservatives. 

CBD/CBG Support, Cili

CBD/CBG Support, Cili

My go-to support to help fight inflammation and manage anxiety. Cili is a CBD & CBG that has ZERO THC and includes other total wellness supporting ingredients: Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), Boswellia Serrata, Curcumin, Corydalis Yanhusuo, Sarsaparillsa Rhizome, Ashwagandha, Resveratrol

Tower Garden

Grow Your Own Food w/Tower Garden

There is nothing better than the taste of fresh greens and produce you grew yourself. And the good news is that anyone can be a farmer with this vertcal aeroponic Tower Garden. Grow your own produce year-round with indoor or outdoor growing options. Not only can you grow your own food up to 3 times faster than traditional gardening, this system uses up to 90% less water – so mama earth is pretty happy about it too!  KALE YEAH! (I had to!)

Olive Gold O3 Bottle

Ozonated Olive Oil Super Oxygen, Olive Gold O3

Olive Gold 03® is a perfect proprietary blend of SUPER OXYGEN, in an all natural organic olive oil base, with super-charged vitamins (A, B’s, C, D, & E), 72 minerals, alpha-lipoic acid, and exotic botanical essence. This is my go-to for treating my family’s skin ailments (cuts, injuries, bug bites, break-outs, scars) as well as hydrating the skin and supporting more oxygenated blood. With daredevil skate boarding, motocrossing, extreme everything little boys, this gets weekly use in our house! It also supports brain function, which might help manage symptoms of anxiety.

YourSuper Forever Beautiful

Forever Beautiful,

Support neatural beauty from the inside out. This superfood mix supports radiant skin while also supporting a robust immune system, including 110% of your daily vitamin C.  I mix this in a smoothie, oatmeal, or chia seed pudding almost daily.


Tower Garden

Women’s Hormone Support, YourSuper

Make your hormones happier with daily ritual. has created a powerful blend of Adaptogens and herbs to support female health in their Moon Balance. Can make as a morning latte or easily add to smoothies or oatmeal. Also adds a boost of Vitamin C and supports healthier skin. 

Olive Gold O3 Bottle

Magic Mushroom Blend, YourSuper

Another wellness support blend from YourSuper, Magic Mushroom (not the kind you are thinking 😉 contains: Cacao* (Dominican Republic, Tanzania, Peru), Chaga* (China), Ashwagandha* (India), Reishi* (China), Lucuma* (Peru) and Cinnamon* (India) *= Organic Certified.  Mushrooms provide powerful immune support. This blend also has calming herbs to help support our over-stressed adrenal systems. Turn into a delicious chocolate latte or add to your chocolate smoothie! 

YourSuper Forever Beautiful

Gut Restore,

Give your gut some love with this blend of 3 different probiotic strains to create healthy gut balance along with digestive enzymes that help your body break down food for smoother digestion overall. Just mix with water first thing in the morning for a refreshing start to the day and give your tummy the love it needs! 


doTERRA tumeric bottle

Turmeric Dual Chamber Capsules, Doterra

Dietary supplement, 60 capsules per bottle.

doTERRA Deep Blue Rub tube

Deep Blue Rub, Doterra

Deep Blue Rub by Doterra comes to the rescue often in our house when necks get stiff and achy and my carpal tunnel/arthritis flares up. This provides a comfortaing sensation of cooling to relieve pain points. It is made from CPTG (certified pure tested grade) essential oils.

Choices Book Cover

Choices: Inspiring Stories of Healing Through Alternative and Holistic Health Care

We have much more power to heal our bodies and overcome significant health challenges than many of us realize. I am honored to share my story of healing alongside these other inpsiring authors in this Amazon bestseller! Read my story “Toxic to Transformed” (Chapter 15) and other stories of health transformation and healing. These stories share how we can take control of our health and the many ways we can be empowered to live our best and healthiest lives!