Seasonal Fruit Yogurt Parfaits

The last two weeks I have really gotten into the summer food spirit – especially all the fresh seasonal fruit – so I couldn’t help but share what I’ve been whipping up for my family.

One of my kids is a great eater and the other not so much so it’s a constant challenge for me to see if I can create something yummy and healthy that appeals to both my boys. Last week I decided to make a yogurt parfait with some of the delicious fresh fruit we got at the farmer’s market and our farm delivery. This is the ultimate easy button and a great way to pack in some extra nutrition with super mix-ins. 



  • 3 large containers of organic yogurt or 4 small
  • Fresh seasonal fruit (peaches, blackberries, strawberries, blueberries and nectarines)
  • Several small mason jars
  • Topping options: slivered almonds, hemp hearts, chia seeds, drizzle of honey

Make: Add a layer of yogurt to bottom of jar. Add a layer of berries. Add another layer of yogurt. Repeat layer of fruit. Add toppings of choice. That’s so easy it may not even need explanation. The yogurt and fruit may not hold the layers completely but it looks pretty and is great for an afternoon snack or ready-to-eat breakfast.

While it was my kids that inspired this creation, I have to admit that seeing the creamy yogurt in the little mason jars with vibrant fruit had my taste buds screaming with delight.

FOR A NON-DAIRY VERSION – use coconut, almond, cashew or any of the other non-dairy yogurt options.