The One Health Habit I Never Skip

It’s been over four months since Rona-life officially began in the US. This is beyond anything any of us ever expected.  I don’t think there is a human in the world that has not been affected by this pandemic in one way or another. 

If you’re feeling like me, then you are focused on getting through the days one at a time. As a holistic health coach that has worked really hard to practice and teach daily habits that shift us into thrival, and out of survival, this feels defeating on a lot of levels.

I won’t sugarcoat pandemic life – it’s hard. And it’s affecting us all in different ways.  I care about your total well-being, and I know how hard it is right now to get the mental and physical self-care we all need to get through this.

Even as a health coach that has transformed my own health and helped many other do the same, the challenge of prioritizing wellness is real. Since we entered quarantine life I have slipped back into habits that I quit years ago. 

  • Coffee ☕️ 
  • Cocktails 🍹 
  • French fries 🍟 

We can’t load up on stimulants. depressants, and fried foods (or sugars) without any positive health habits and expect a good outcome, with or without the coronavirus. There are still plenty of other viruses and diseases that we need to worry about. Plus, supporting good physical health helps us better manage our mental health and we all need a lot of support in that department right now. Am I right?

There are a number of things that I am still making a priority – no matter how much of a struggle it is – but there is one thing I do every single day that gives me ultimate peace of mind that I am supporting a strong immune system (seriously, this is what we need to ensure the most!!). 

So what’s the one habit I never skip (or almost never)?

Getting whole food nutrition in my body every single day 🍏

For 7 years I have been taking whole food concentrates daily. I get nutrition from 30 fruits, vegetables, and berries just by swallowing 6 capsules. My husband and kids also consume these concentrates (aka plant powders).  These plant powders are free of pesticides, heavy metals, and other toxins. They are scientifically proven to be bio-available in the body (unlike vitamins which have isolates and often don’t get absorbed). 

Here are some reasons I never skip this health habit:

  • We are supposed to consume 7-13 servings of DIFFERENT fruits and vegetables every day to truly support our bodies for optimal health. That is really hard to do. 
  • Guess how many adults actually eat enough fruits and vegetables? 1 in 10. 
  • Guess how many Americans die from heart disease every year? 1 in 4 (or roughly 650,000 people)
  • Our food quality has also greatly diminished so the produce we do consume doesn’t have the same nutritional value as it did 100 years ago (for example, we would ned to eat about 26 apples today to equal one in the early 1900s). 
  • The more consistently we add whole food nutrition to our daily diet, the stronger and more robust your immune system becomes. We also get a synergistic affect by consuming a rainbow of fruits and veggies. They have a super fun health party as we digest them that help our cells replicate healthier and even reverse DNA damage. 

It often becomes easier to fight off, and even avoid many illnesses that would have otherwise left you with severe symptoms for longer periods. Everyone is different and many factors contribute to our ability to fight off a severe virus. But getting enough fruits and vegetables in our diet every day is key for all forms of good health and virus and disease prevention. 

Learn more here about these plant powders that are staple in my daily wellness routine.

Stay tuned to your health! Take lots of deep breaths. Eat those fruits and veggies! 

Your elevated mama,