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A 15-Day Wellness Program to boost immune health, increase energy, and optimize your total health

Get ready for the REBOOT your body needs to purge toxins, boost immune health, and ultimately function at its BEST! This is not your average detox. Because frankly, most of those are torture and don’t have lasting benefits. 

This is a program that supports total wellness. Because we need whole body support to truly feel our best.

Most of us are powered by:

  • caffeine
  • sugar
  • alcohol
  • processed foods
  • foods that are fast, but lack needed nutrition

Most of us suffer from:

  • nutrient deficiencies
  • lack of sleep
  • a high-stress work and/or home life
  • lack of time to move our bodies to purge toxins and support cardiovascular health
  • hormone imbalance
  • inflammation
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YIKES – that sounds depressing!

Well it can be – but only if you let unhealthy habits dominate your day-to-day for too long without integrating supportive habits and giving your body a break from the not-so-good-ones!

That’s why I am here. That’s why YOU are here.


It’s a break from all those things that typically power us through our busy lives, but without breaks could cause real long-term damage – possibly even disease – within our bodies.

The Whole Body Reboot provides an infusion of nutrient support to boost your immune system and energy, improve digestion and help you feel good – inside and out!


  • Elevated Mama’s Guide to Healthy Detoxing
  • WHOLE BODY REBOOT Shopping Guide
  • WHOLE BODY REBOOT meal plans and healthy habit guide for each of the 3 weeks
  • Weekly healthy lifestyle guidance to help you on a path toward optimal health
  • An accountability partner to keep you on track


  • You often feel drained and/or struggle to maintain consistent energy throughout the day
  • You struggle with digestive issues (bloating, irregular bowels)
  • You are prone to skin issues (eczema, dry patches, break outs)
  • You struggle with food cravings, especially in the afternoon and evening
  • You want practical solutions to support you health that won’t break the bank
  • You are feeling a little softer and squishier than you once did and want to feel more toned and fit
  • You struggle with consistent good sleep
  • You want easy-to-maintain healthy lifestyle habits, not a diet
  • You want a roadmap and you need accountability
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Here’s what WHOLE BODY REBOOTers have to say…

“This was just the right program for me. I have never done a cleanse or special diet, so this was the perfect introduction to help me start to eat cleaner. I love that we worked our way towards our goal rather than stopping all the unhealthy habits all at once. It made everything seem more manageable. And that is why I will do this again, it was very manageable. And I felt great doing it. I can see myself using this program again in the future, probably several times a year when I feel I need to detox from unhealthy habits. I was proud that I was able to avoid refined sugar for so long. I also found some great swaps for healthier snacks. Thank you, Addie, for putting so much thought and effort into this!”

Tara D.

I had the pleasure of doing Addie’s reboot program to kick off 2022 and it was one by of the best things I have done for my body. I have never done a cleanse or modified diet before and had strong opinions against them however this reboot truly gave my gut and my mind the reset it needed. It was very doable and I always felt satisfied nutritionally. I didn’t feel like I was starving my body but rather nourishing it with the right combinations of foods. The recipes that were provided were very convenient and delicious. We still cook with them today. I highly recommend this program and will definitely do it again!

Jenna C.

“Thanks for helping me get focused and have a plan I could stick to!”

Evert G.

Veggies on Counter with Notepad

Get the WHOLE BODY REBOOT for $29.95 (VALUE $125)

Elevate your total wellness to increase your energy, improve digestion, and help to ensure your longevity!

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Doing some kind of cleanse/detox one to three times a year can really improve your longevity and the overall functioning of your body. This is especially ideal if you are 40 or over. Our digestive systems simply don’t work as well as we age.  So we need practices that support our gut – the epicenter of immune system.

The WHOLE BODY REBOOT supports your gut health, which helps you have more energy, less brain fog, stronger immunity, and restores your health at the cellular level.


The first 5 days are prep days, the middle 5 days are where we do the rebooting, and the last 5 days help your body transition slowly so you don’t reverse your good efforts.  This program is very manageable and will give you great results if you follow the roadmap!


My trifecta for total wellness involves elevating your health, heart, and home.

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Elevated Health

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