Why Work with (or Become) a Health Coach?

Fox Business recently featured an article, “Do You Need a Health Coach?” The writer, Donna Fuscado, did a great job of explaining how health coaches support more than just nutrition and exercise goals.

“When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, it’s more than just what you eat and how you exercise. The quality and quantity of your sleep, how you deal with stress and your emotional well-being also play a role in your overall health. While doctors and physicians can diagnosis and treat illnesses, health coaches can teach preventative measures that thwart a visit to a doctor altogether.”

The article points out the difference between health coaches and other health practitioners. For example, personal trainers primarily work on fitness, with some also providing nutrition advice. Health coaches will provide nutrition and exercise support as well as stress relief, overall life balance, spirituality, and relationship support. We look to our medical doctors generally for specific health concerns and our health care system rarely allows for an in-depth look at a patient’s nutrition and physical activity. Health coaches can be a great compliment to medical doctors’ intervention approach with a proactive and often preventative approach to overall health.

Today there are over 100,000 health coaches in the U.S. and I feel really honored to be among them. There are number of different health coaching programs and health coaching is a great way to build a side hustle that supports your family’s health and pocketbook! If you want to chat more about this don’t hesitate to reach out! I loooove talking about this (you can’t tell right?) 😉